Why there are traditional dresses in Dubai

The world is beautiful and it has become more beautiful by dresses.

Yes!  It is true. Clothes has made the world a beautiful place because of colours and designs of them. Each dress has its own and design that adds beauty to the dress and dress, being part of this world, therefore,  adds beauty to the world temporarily. That’s the reason why Dubai is considered as one of the most beautiful country in the world!

Dubai has its own swag. It has its own lifestyle or way of living and enjoyment which the residents get in the form of

  1. Shopping
  2. Having food at restaurants, and
  3. Staying at lavish hotels

Although, the city has residents who are employed at blue collar jobs, they cannot afford to stay in hotels. They enjoy food and clothes only which are not less than enjoyment.

Dubai is house of shopping and eating. There are so many shopping malls and restaurants that sell different kinds of dresses and foods because Dubai is not the city of Arabs only,  it is the city of all nationalities around the world. Can’t you find Philippines, Pakistanis, Indians and many other people of different countries there?

The people of different nationalities, residing there,  create their own community by residing in same building or making habit of walking in the same park or having parties after every sometime. Majority of such people are very sensitive about culture and traditions. Pakistanis and Indians are one of them.

They follow their culture,  wear same clothes and eat same food which they wear and have known their own countries in order to live comfortably. Therefore,  there are branches of different clothing brands in Dubai like:

  1. Nishat Linen
  2. Khaddi
  3. Mirraw
  4. Syanvi  and many others

Here, you can find every kind of kurti or kurta for women and jalabiyas of different designs as well if you are interested in buying a jalabiya dress Dubai.

All of these shops and brands have dresses of their countries. Although,  they are more expensive than your hone town, they are good to buy because they can be used for more than a year.

However you can buy such clothes from Dubai malls as well because the city is also concerned about it’s people.

Dubai mall,  the mall of Emirates, Max Fashion are few names of their brands.

Hope the article have helped you. Best of luck for shopping.