Different types of LLC

LLC is a limited liability company which formed by the members generally called the owners and they are the ones who will maintain it in the long run. But it is not a hard and fast rule that only members can run and maintain it. If they are not qualified enough or for any other reason if they do not want to maintain their LLC they can also appoint employees who can do this for them. But it is very necessary for the owners to have a strict hand on the employees in order to get good work form them. If you are unable to think about whether you should maintain your daily business operations or to hire employees for this purpose then there are several business setup consultants in Dubai from whom you can get the help in this regard. They will help you in different steps while you are in the initial stage of your LLC company formation Dubai. There are three different kinds of LLC which we are going to discuss here.

Local LLC: It is the general kind of LLC which means that the LLC will go to initiate and run its business in the same country in which it is started and registered. Most of the LLCs are local LLC because normally people start their LLC in their own country and hometown.

Extraneous LLC: For an out of the country LLC it is necessary for the LLC to become registered as the local LLC first. After that of the owners of local LLC want to start their business in any other country or state then they can register their existing local LLC in the desired country as a Foreign LLC. After getting registered you can easily start your business their while having a physical appearance of your business in that country too.

Specialized LLC: In this kind of LLC owners should start the LLC with the purpose of providing their specialized services to general public to help them in different matters like medical health or legal help. To start a specialized LLC it is necessary for the members of that LLC to show their professional certificates to the state otherwise they cannot get the license to operate or start their company. People should think critically before starting it.