Importance of birth registration

A simple birth certificate – which many of our viewers reading this now – may be blessed with and it’s a blessing that we never took account of. There are millions and millions of children born ever day who don’t have the privilege of birth certificate and they are stripped off access to many services and support which have a potential to change their life. If you own a birth certificate then don’t forget to opt for birth certificate attestation for UAE as it will come in handy at times of need.

Here are the reasons why everyone should own a birth certificate and opt for certificate attestation UAE:

  • Health Care

A birth certificate is the key to unlocking medical services. Every year thousands of children die under the age of 5 because of not receiving proper medical attention and through disease which could’ve been prevented at an early stage. Children need vaccinations to stay healthy and they are not able to afford it unless they show a birth certificate which verifies the registration of child.

  • Education

Birth certificate is one of the first and obvious requirement of document for the admission in school but when a child doesn’t own one, they are held back from enrolment. This not only puts a stop on their education before it even starts in fact it also holds back a child who could’ve changed their life through education. It is the responsibility of parents to educate their children for a brighter future.

  • Protection

A certificate is recognition of a person’s existence but when a child doesn’t have one, the government and law is incapable of protecting it from crimes and abuse that take place as they wouldn’t have a record of their birth. But effective birth registration can keep them immune from such situations.

  • Inheritance

When parents pass away leaving inheritance for their children there will be no proof or record of child being related to them to inherit the family’s property etc. Make sure to leave your child with a birth certificate which is more important than leaving property because this way child will be able to make inheritance for their little one.

They are an important and essential part of one’s existence so never forget to register a birth certificate.