Types of Butter

Everyone knows that butter is the yellowish fatty substance that is prepared from milk but a few of us know how many types of butter are there! If you are eager to know its types then scroll down and know how many types of butter there are! 

Salted Butter

Salted Butter is one of the commonest types of butter in the world. People spread it on bread and toasts. Besides, many of us use in vegetables to add flavour and smoothness. However, bakers do not recommend to use salted butter due to its salty flavour amends the original taste of the baked goods. 

Sweet Butter 

As the name suggests, sweet butter or unsalted butter has no alt. therefore, it is the ideal type of butter to use for baking and cooking as the saltiness of the meal is under the control of the cook. Although some might say that sweet butter spoils more easily than the salted butter, it gives the food a fresh zest.

European-style butter 

European-style butter an expensive butter that contains more fat content than sweet and salted butter. The butter has 86% of fat whereas the commonly-used butter has 80% fat. It is used to make pastries and buttery desserts because its slow churning process makes European-style butter creamier than the regular butter. 

Clarified Butter 

Amber-coloured or brownish clarified butter or ghee is mostly used in South-Asian cuisines to make sweet dishes and frying dishes. Bakers and companies prepare clarified butter by boiling the milk until the water is evaporated and solid substance is left in the pot. That solid substance is called clarified butter. 

Flavoured Butter 

Flavored is our regular butter that has flavors. Companies sell butter that has spices or herbs or garlic. Such kinds of butter are used to cook food to make the food flavorsome. Therefore, many chefs used it to cook chicken, vegetables, or steaks. 

Light Butter 

Light butter is lighter than the regular butter. The butter has 25% less fat content than slated and sweet kinds of butter. Light butter consists of more water and air than regular butter; therefore, it is good for weight-freak people and diabetic patients. 

So, these are some of the most-used types of butter that you can get from any energy drink manufacturing company. You can even contact mozzarella cheese suppliers in UAE to know about kinds of butter that are a fusion of cheese and milk because god knows how many other types of butter there are right now beside them!