Dealing within the Asian region

In order to succeed in IT outsourcing in Dubai, the state needs to come up with strategies to expand their IT business to developing nations within Asia. The same applies for IT companies specializing in the making of CCTV throughout Dubai.

Impact of expats in UAE: The oil rich United Arab Emirates(UAE) is home to millions of expatriate workers of all levels and nationalities. Expats are spread out in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Sharjah. Expats have helped and greatly contributed in the making of the Kingdom. The reason for UAE boasting fancy sky scrapers is due to the expat population. Well off individuals from developed countries settled with ease whereas expats from poor countries had to toil hard and save up as they had no other choice.

Impact of falling oil prices: It is widely known that the UAE’s economy excluding Dubai relies heavily on oil and the fact that the international prices of oil have fallen significantly would definitely affect the economy. States across the United Arab Emirates(UAE) would have to rely on Dubai’s tourism to get going.

Alternative solutions: It would be wise for the UAE to outsource parts of its IT industry to South Asian countries due to the low wage factor. The fact that most countries in South Asia are not developed in the world of Information Technology goes to show there is potential for a Dubai IT company to survive in newer markets. To better explain it, imagine Dubai outsources its IT companies to introduce and sell PABX systems to those residing in Asian countries. The benefit would be such that businesses in Asia do not have to rely on conventional methods of making phone calls should PABX system turn out to be a marketing success. IT companies should be encouraged to make and sell CCTV’s which can bring growth in UAE’s economy, the reason being is criminal rates are at an all time high in developing countries. With increasing crime rates, demand for CCTV’s increases. From a marketing point of view keeping in mind of the low wage factor in Asia, UAE should be able to get the best out of the situation. Not only the UAE benefits but from the Asian standpoint they would not want to import CCTV’s from Europe or the state when they can get the exact same products and service at lower values. Dubai can outsource its IT industry through expats belonging to South Asia.