How to write an exceptional essay

Students are always tasked to write essays and these assignments are nightmare to them because these assignments require sleepless nights, 12 hour research and ability to handle stress and these skills lack in majority of them. Besides this, a student needs to have: 

  1. Grip on language 
  2. Writing style
  3. Knowledge about the topic
  4. Ability to produce authentic content, and
  5. Capability to write errorless essay.

And these qualities are also not present in students but there are some steps can make the task easier. 

The first and foremost step is to start working on your essay before the day of submission. Firstly, understand the topic. What you have understood, just write it down on paper. Write your points and thoughts on paper regarding the topic. It will keep the record and give you freedom to forget them. 

When you are free of all thoughts and your all points are copied on paper, then start researching. Use your laptop and read as much as you can to take out points and researches that can prove your point. Write all researches on paper. Keep their record too.

After having done with research work, make a mind map. Do brain storming and write everything which you have understood. Structure everything. Organize all of your points and proves that what will be written firstly and what will come in end. This mind map will work as draft for you. After this, work on introduction and conclusion. Write something creative but formal in introduction. Design your thesis statement in such a way that your points can be suitable to it. Then work on conclusion. Write three to four line description of your whole essay on it in a beautiful way.

When you are done with all of this, then start writing essay finally. It is not necessary to write whole essay in one say. Take breaks and have naps between writing. Don’t write on last day. Edit your essay a lot. Read it again and again from starting after writing each paragraph. You can use grammarly for editing as well in the end or you can ask your relative to proofread it too.

So, this is how you can write essay for anyone which can make his or her eyes glued on pages in which you have written and make him or her to give you full marks. Your exceptional writing skills can make you writer of erp solutions Dubai or make you to be part of sap partners in UAE.